REDI links people and places to renewable energy.


The Renewable Energy Development Institute (REDI) is a 501c3 charitable, educational and scientific corporation, started in 1989 with the primary goal of encouraging widespread use of renewable energy for the public benefit.

REDI has organized major events involving all aspects of renewable technologies; notably, the Solar Energy Exposition & Rally (1990-1994) and REDI Conference (1993-1995).

Through numerous partnerships, REDI has helped to craft national and statewide (California) policies to encourage widespread use of renewables. We have developed marketing programs and materials to increase consumer awareness and purchases of renewable energy systems.

In recent years, REDI has focused on the local┬ácommunity. We’ve created and delivered programs such as HELP that have increased energy efficiency in homes and businesses. We’ve cooperated on other local and regional projects that have increased people’s access to renewables. In many ways, we continue to make connections in our own communities and beyond.